Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lawyers and other "author-y" things!

A BIG SHOUT OUT to the latest in a quickly growing list of people who are helping!

Saturday morning I had coffee with a lawyer.  It was all very official, and I LOVED it!  I also loved that this girl, this Megan Gruennert, was so willing to come and to sort through my chaotic rambling in order to help me figure out what we need to do to keep moving forward with the plan for God is Real.   Megan is a tax lawyer, which sounds pretty intimidating, but she showed up with a composition notebook!  She's brilliant, speaks real English and is incredibly helpful - not to mention funny!  I had a great breakfast and was so encouraged to see God move and put people into place. Thank you Lord!!!  Thank you Megan! And I am excited about our next coffee date sans composition notebooks and technical terms!

<Imagine for a moment you are looking at a really cool picture of Megan's business card, overlapping my to do list.  Imagine that photo is artistic and angled all cool.  Imagine for a moment the one writing this blog also has the ability to do things like take that really cool picture and insert it onto this blog.  You get the picture.>

We are getting an LLC peeps!  Mark it off on your "This is really happening list"!! so fun!

How gracious for God to let me just be one piece in this ever growing machine.  In fact, I just got off the phone with a dear friend who is going to help with the binding of the booklets!

More "author-y" fun; tonight I received an email from the women who is donating her editing experience to help us with one final clean up of the study.  I was writing to her about flow and copyright and reworks - it makes me a complete nerd, but I love it.  I am pinching myself because this is really happening.

And then, even better - so, so much better - she shared that the message in the unit she edited were what she needed to hear.  It doesn't really matter if this all works - the marketing plan, getting word out, keeping a blog - because it is working, right now, for her.

I so believe that this is real, that God is Real!  That life is about Him - so one conversation that draws someone to His feet - truly has the power to change everything; to begin a trajectory that cannot be stopped.  How do you sit still when this is what the hope is?    

I am going to keep doing updates on where we are at with publishing and getting the booklets toward the mail.  We are moving closer and closer to linking the pdf so you can print your own copy of the study! Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to keep moving forward. one shaky step at a time - let's do this thing!

Stay tuned for the next announcement - it's a big one, and it involves you!!

Truly yours,

Jodi L. Mikel

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