Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It's a Group Project!!

Out of the hands of many, this project will take flight!

Let me tell you a little bit about our "marketing" plan. On July 7 we are going to mail a God is Real package to fifty women's groups.  This package will include: Unit 1 of the study, a copy of Corrie TenBoom's The Hiding Place, and a pamphlet outlining the study and directing people who are interested to a website. Our hope is that several of the groups who have a chance to review God is Real will decide to use the study.

Before we mail out the packages then, we are going to need is fifty copies of The Hiding Place.  In an effort to make this more affordable, my first thought was to go to a local bookstore and ask them for a discounted price or a donation. That wasn't proving as effective as I had hoped and my mom came up with an even better idea.

My mom usually does.

She said we should ask fifty people to donate a copy of the book, and I thought, Yes!  Yes, we should do that!!  I got geekishly excited about the idea because it is such a beautiful picture of this project and such an honor to give to Corrie's legacy and her memory!

I imagined us rummaging through second hand stores and saving copies of Corrie's book and then putting the story back into circulation so the world can hear and remember again!  Then, my friend Tina upped the perfectness of the whole thing and said anyone who donates could leave their name, their city, and the year on the inside cover of the book for the next person who would get to read this story.

I love it.

Everything about it.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my "life application" song is going off like fireworks in my brain! It is said that when Corrie traveled to speak she would pack one suitcase full of copies of her book, not because she thought that she was so wonderful, but because she believed that her story; the evil and the pain even; could be redeemed if people understood and believed that Jesus was alive.

When all of us work together to get her books out there, it is like we are part of her army - and she is part of His army - and He is at work; and we are all in this together.  And I love it.

Maybe I am a little ideal; but I think we can do this.  I will begin collecting copies of the Hiding Place - starting now!  If you would like to donate a book, new or used, you can bring it to New Vintage Bible Church any Sunday morning through June and leave it in the God is Real Basket I will soon work to create.  You can also leave a comment below or on our Facebook page, or email me and we will work out the details of pick-up.

Peeps - it's on!  I'll post updates so we can celebrate together as the books begin to come in!

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